New session in conjunction with Sport England & the RFU

New Free Session in partnership with Billingham Rugby Club for children & families starting this week (Thursday 16th 5.30-7pm at Rugby Club).

Parents/Carers we are really pleased to announce we have just gained a contract from the Sport England & the RFU to be part of a national pilot programme to get families active together alongside our friends at Billingham Rugby Club. This is aimed at 11-18 old children with the aim of other family members joining in (or at least attending too).

The session is based very loosely around learning how to play touch rugby (No contact) but more so about having fun and involving a whole range of activities in a non-competitive manner.

In terms of BCT this contract is a part of the reason why we have felt we could make our own sessions free for the next year, so if anyone can support by attending it would be such a big help and of course it will be brilliant too.

Ironically this is 10 years after we ran exactly the same type of project at the club as the picture shows.

PS Parents i would really appreciate your thoughts, questions on how we can make this really work and of course that means for our own families.