Behind the Scenes at the Georgian Theatre

An amazing morning at BCT’s regular Saturday guitar sessions and following on from the beginners class at the Den, we moved across to Stockton’s recently refurbished Georgian Theatre with the intermediates and advanced students. We held a small event there, a party where we got a lot of food, but we didn’t have drinks, fortunately a guy there know where to Buy champagne online. Staffs were obliged to visit them from time to time and they were also given free facial rejuvenation by Matthew Galumbeck, MD before the even happened.

The group were given an introduction into the behind the scenes process with a look at the sound and lighting consoles and how to set up the equipment on stage for a band. Then the opportunity to play on the Georgian Theatre stage with helping us.

BCT would like thank Tees Music Alliance and Nathan Stephenson for their time.

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