Youth Sessions Return & Our Safety Measures

Dear Parents/Carers

As we all know we have had to have our sessions closed for a very long time. However, we have wanted to take a very thorough approach to re-opening to ensure we do our absolute best to not only ensure children attending are safe, parents feel confident for your children to attend, but also very importantly that our own team feel safe and confident to deliver the sessions. It is with some delight that we can now announce our plan for re-opening which will include some changes but hopefully you will agree these make sense whilst the current Covid-19 situation still exists.

Upstairs room set out for music group with social distancing.

Our first sessions will come back this week and our fantastic session leads will be getting in touch with all children who attend their sessions,  key dates for parents are as follows:

Trytime – Restarts Thursday 17th September
Music Lessons – Restart Saturday 26th September
Wednesday Youth Club – Restarts Wednesday 30th September

Both B-Active and our Thursday youth club sessions will be restarted following a review of these sessions to ensure everything is working as we hope.

Our Safety Measures For Covid-19

We have worked hard and also taken good quality professional advice to arrange this re-start and there are some key measures that we have put in place that have already been implemented and those that we ask you assist us with your children complying. We hope that these not only reduce the anxiety of the children attending, but also our own volunteers and yourselves as parents and carers.

Room set out for youth club with a seated only plan.

Limited Numbers at Sessions

Due to Covid-19 situation we have had to reduce the numbers that can attend each session and also introduce a pre-registration system which will be shared with all parents who are registered with us via consent forms.
We will ensure that all children who express an interest in attending do get to attend, even if this does mean on occasion it may not be every week to ensure fairness.

On arrival
Could we ask for anyone attending to wait out outside the premises and follow social distancing guidance. You will then be met by a volunteer and escorted into the building where each person will be signed in. The signing in details will be used for our track and trace information.

Thermometer Check
When entering the building we are asking that all children have temperature check taken to ensure anyone displaying systems is not allowed in the session to protect other people attending.

Social Distancing
All rooms have been setup to ensure social distancing is complied with, including safe room limits, designated areas

Hand Wash Facilities
Throughout the building we have sanitiser stations and will be asking all children to wash their hands thoroughly on entry to the building.

Wearing of Masks
We are asking that all children attending where masks whilst they are moving around the building. These can be removed once children are seated for the session. (These will be available for all children).

High Risk & Vulnerable People
We can only do our best so the advice to those who have specific issues is as follows;

  • Any children with respiratory conditions such asthma should refrain from attending this week.
  • Any children who have relatives in the high risk group (e.g. Over 70’s, requires flu jab, pregnant women, or if in any doubt), should not attend.
  • Any children who have any other family members who have displayed symptoms such as a fever or consistent cough should not attend.

BCT Support to Our Families
As an organisation and individuals we wish to support our extended BCT family in any way we possibly can. During this week, if anyone has any concerns or simply needs to chat, please do speak to members of the team.

Kind Regards