Celebrating 10 years all sessions free in 2020

On Saturday night at our Christmas Party. We were so happy to be able to announce that as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations for 2020. We have agreed to make all our sessions free of charge.

BCT Sessions

This includes all our weekly sessions (Youth Clubs, Active session, Music Lessons). We have always worked hard to make our programme as accessible to all as possible, but this has taken time and effort. Please spread the word to all local children.

Our most sincere thanks to our volunteers, sponsors, community contributors and our funders who have made this long-term aspiration come true. It does mean we have to work even harder to raise the finances, so if any local people, businesses or parents feel this can contribute in any small way, we hope that we can sustain this offer, not just for this year, but for many years to come!

Check out the pictures, our first community youth programme to this summer and our current children. Hundreds, actually into the thousands have been part of our programme and our sincerest love to one and all.

Dream always and Happy Christmas & the most positive 2020 XX

Team BCT

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