BCT Foreign Coins Fundraiser

Can we have your Foreign Coins & Notes please?

As part of a number of ongoing projects, tied in with our link up with 180 Degree Consulting (Durham University), we are collecting foreign coins.  We know if you look in the back of drawers, wallets or purses – you might find some foreign coins left over from a trip.

Banks and the Post Office won’t accept these coins. So we would like them please?

As a registered charity we can convert these coins into to monies that can be used to fund future BCT activities.

We think this might be a great way to fund raise and at the same time let the BCT Kids look at and see what currency looks like from around the World.

We’ve put a Foreign Currency jar at the BCT Den – so we are asking volunteers, parents and BCT kids to collect as much as you can from family and friends, and see how much we can raise.

And it won’t cost you a Penny – maybe a few Cents, the odd Euro or a spare Yen or two … having said that we are happy to accept any amount of coins or even notes – it will all add up!

Many thanks on behalf of
BCT Aspire CIC