Branded Gig on 12th August!

Branded Gig - 12 August 2011To help celebrate Paul’s return from his Big 500 Mile Walk Home from the Orkney isles we will be holding a Branded Gig at the Synthonia Club, Billingham on Friday, 12th August. Doors open at 7.00 pm

Featuring DAMAGED INC. the UK’s finest Metallica Tribute 

With an enormous back catalogue ranging 30 years, Metallica have made a great impression on the music industry and have been a huge inspiration to many! The music and development of Metallica over the years has been an epic journey to which anyone can relate, and that’s why Damaged Inc are here!

Damaged Inc are not publicized as a covers/copy band, yet they don’t intend to take on the roles and characteristics of each member of Metallica. They are simply here as four guys paying tribute to what we believe are some of the greatest songs ever written. They enjoy the music & get pleasure from playing it live!

Bringing the timeless music and energy of the thrash pioneers to the stage, and be part of an amazing tribute to the mighty Metallica! Re-live all the classics ranging from “Kill ‘em All” through to “Death Magnetic” in an 80’s style metal fashion. Come witness an exhilarating live performance..

Beth and Liane… and more… 🙂

Beth’s a gem we found at BCT’s open mic night at the Penny Black, when she said she wanted to play with a guitarist we put her with Liane from our kid’s guitar lessons, together their talent is just STUNNING!!!

Bare  Phut [

Bare Phut are a Middlesbrough based blusey/rock band known for their energetic style and lively performances. An entertaining band that provides something different from what is usually heard on the local scene you’ll find it hard not to dance when you hear them…