SIRF Carnival 2016


BCT Aspire was once again honoured to be part of a fantastic community event with this years Stockton International Riverside Festival Community Carnival. An event that brought together youth and community groups from across the borough, to share their energy, passion and to have lots of fun.


This year BCT were lucky to have the skills and support of fantastic local artist Kim McDermottroe who came into work with the children during the lead up to make their costumes. This year’s theme was Camelot for the group and the kids became court jesters. The sessions were boosted by being able to use our extended youth space for the first time, which really helped getting things done. Kim and her team also produced a truly magical life size dragon, which even had working eyes and smoke. Check out Kim’s company Greener Levelle here:


The group also worked on several musical pieces specifically arranged for a carnival performance with great work done by Gary Doyle, Nathan Duff & Colin Liddle. The group mixed guitars, singing, drums and percussion instruments as well as the standard big shouts and woops, that follow the group wherever they go. A special shout must go to Nathan who was gigging with Mouses till 3.30am and still got brought his usual A game, which sums up the dedication of our team of volunteers who give hundreds of hours every month to BCT across it’s many sessions and events.


The event was also massively assisted by the work of the BCT parents with Dawn Brown heavily involved in the planning, whilst Sian Conway & Amanda Logan worked with the kids at the sessions and chaperoned the group on the day. We are always looking for new volunteers to support our work across many roles, so if interested please get in touch.


Lots of pictures are available on our facebook page

If you would like to find out more about the various activities and events ran by BCT Aspire you can also get in touch via the contact us section on this website. We have new youth club sessions beginning in September and will have something for everyone, whatever there favourite activities.

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