2015 – Spreading Our Joy

bctbannerWith the start of a new year it is a great time to lay down what we hope to achieve for 2015 and also to explain where  any fundraising money raised for BCT Aspire CIC shall go what it it will support.

We have learnt alot over the last decade and maybe now we understand ourselves as an  organisation better than we ever have in the past. So this year with the arrival of our new minivan, kindly donated by a good friend of the group. We aim to take this message on the road through our music youth group. Travelling wherever we are invited to spread a little bit of joy for others. We are no longer need to attempt to be anything other than who we are, collectively being consistent in the things we say and do.
The core values of BCT center around working hard, doing our best even when we find things difficult & very importantly giving back and supporting others. These simple things are also the cornerstone to any of my own fundraising challenges, aiming to lead by example. Our children already work hard to support each other with a strong team ethic. Children who learn quickly give their time up to support others who are maybe not as quick on that occasion. This makes for a great learning and performance atmosphere.
So we are looking to hear from any groups that maybe interested in a performance from our group, as well as inviting us in to make some new friends and helping our children learn about the value and power of helping others. If you work in a care home, run a charity, a community group or sports/recreational club, we would love to come and entertain you, aiming to put a smile on your face, if nothing more so.
I am a big believer in the power of small actions, whether that is saying hello, holding the door open for someone or just giving a smile to a passing stranger in the street.
Linking directly to our fundraising for this year, some of our proceeds will go towards helping keep the van on the road and assisting with travel costs, as well as supporting core costs of keeping the organisation running (This does not include any staff wages to anybody, we are 100% voluntary). We hope to slowly but surely rebuild our youth work offer, once we are in a position to do so, sustainably.
So if you think that you would like us to come along and spread our unique brand of positivity drop me a line
Everything I have done through my walking over the years I aim to directly share with our young people and those around us. A smile is as powerful a tool as any in my book.
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