Burg’s Mad Hatters Tea Party


Welcome to the world of the mad hatter, well actually not really!!! This is our new meeting group for anybody who has battled with either mental health issues or addictions. Ran by BCT’s Paul Burgum the group is aimed at people who sometimes feel lost in social situations and would like to chat to like minded people, sharing experiences and generally relaxing with good company. 

This is not a counselling session or therapy but a place for people who are getting back on their feet or feeling a little low to get that little lift we all need by talking in a relaxed atmosphere. The group will be based at BCT’s Den space based at the BIllingham Synthonia Club running every Saturday between 5-6.30 every Saturday afternoon. The first session will take place on the 6/10/2013 

We will be inviting speakers from diverse mix of backgrounds including business, support and medical professionals , musicians, writers and anyone with something to say, with only one rule, we focus on the POSITIVE. 

Paul Burgum said ” I have always felt every so slightly lost socially since i admitted my issues with both drink and mental illness and have realised that i always feel so much better after simply chatting to people who can share my feelings. This like me isn’t a group for being negative but hopefully building a collective support network that can have fun just like anyone else does on a weekend.” 

If you would like further details or to confirm you would like to attend please  contact Paul on email at paul.burgum@bctaspire.org.uk 



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