Dreams Come True

Courtsey of Kev Howard

On Friday night the children of the BCT Aspire Youth Music Programme were given what was truly a once in a life time opportunity to join the iconic band “Dodgy” on stage. The show took place at the Saltburn Spa Hotel and in association with Ten Feet Tall promotions.

Over the last six months BCT Aspire has been lucky to strike up a friendship that firstly resulted in the children performing and making the video to the bands recent single “This love is bigger than all of us”. If this wasn’t big enough for the children Mathew of the band suggested that the group should join them on stage when they came to the region.

On the night the gig was completely sold out and the children were made to feel like top musicians, even having their own backstage space to prepare and get ready.

Please check out the link below from the performance itself

In the lead up to the event the children had to practice hard, rehearsing constantly to make sure that they were up to the standard required for such a high calibre event. With an age range of 8-15 years old the group had to work together to make sure they could be involved on the night.

Ben Thompson 15 years old, who played bass and was the first to perform the song said” Well it was amazing, the energy on stage was great and I really enjoyed myself like no other night”.  

courtsey of Kev Howard

The majority of the organisation for the event on the BCT Aspire side was done by Nathan Duff & Kelly Hubbuck who worked tirelessly to make sure that everything was organised, leaving the children to concentrate on their music. As part of the BCT apprenticeship programme both are making a real difference to the programme. 

The event was organised by Carmel Ramsey of Ten Feet Tall and again a massive thanks must go to Carmel and her team, who couldn’t have made every body feel more welcome, both in the lead up and on the night itself. For the BCT team it was a great chance to see how the big boy’s operate at events and we are sure that the team will have also learned a great deal.

Paul Burgum of BCT said “This was a dream come true as far as I am concerned and wonder what the children are now thinking in terms of their own dreams and aspirations. A night like this gives us all a shot in the arm, to continue with our work”.

BCT Aspire run regular music lessons and the more fun youth club night, which are looking to increase to an extra night. We also support young bands through our rehearsal space.

If you would like to know more please contact us on 01642 533316


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  1. I was lucky enough to be present at The Saltburn Spa Hotel for the ‘Dodgy’ event and had a fantastic night. The kids were amazing and the ‘Dodgy’ fans who paid for tickets to the event who I spoke with on the night thought our kids were great too. Well done kids!

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