Music Youth Club moves to Bigger Venue

The guys celebrating a great performance to a packed crowd.

BCT Aspire is happy to announce that we are moving our fantastic Thursday night royalty free cinematic music Youth Club, over to Tees Achieve at Billingham Community Centre on the Causeway. The sessions take place every week from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, costing just 50p and starting on the 10/01/13

Due to the success of the night we have now ran out of space at our existing venue – however we are all excited for what we can now offer from the new larger space.  Within the large hall, there is a stage where young people can perform live gigs and practice for the numerous events, which through the programme, they have had the opportunity to perform at. There will be a full P.A. System, drum kit and amplifiers provided.



The session links into our formal music tuition programme, with all our sessions hosted by great local musicians.

  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Performance
  • DJ Workshops

We will also be extending the night to include other activities such as, art classes which will design banners, paint on canvas, draw pictures and designing murals. Through the larger space we aim to run a more diverse programme.

Dance classes will be starting shortly for young people who like to dance from Hip Hop, Street and Jazz. This is so young people who want to come and don’t know anything about music can learn how to dance to music with other young people in the background playing some beats to learn the steps to.

They will be an air hockey table and games of dodge ball for the people who like fitness and exercise and even buy sarms and other supplements for it, or to just have a laugh and meet new people.

The room we are moving to has more space for young people to feel free to come inside and join in, always being made to feel welcome.

BCT’s Paul Burgum said “It is fantastic that we are getting the opportunity to move into such a great space. It shows how far the programme has come, mainly due to the tremendous hard work of many local people and of course the children themselves”.

BCT Aspire have a café right beside the room for young people to grab snacks and drinks whilst being in the session to have  break and to meet up with people and socialise. It is also a great opportunity for parents & guardians to come and get together over a coffee and see also the positive activity the children are involved in.